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  Nova Electronics was established in April, 2009 .It is located in Lingchuang Science Park of Mianyang, the only Science & Technology City in China.Invested by China Baoan Group Investment and China Venture Capital, Nova Electronics devotes to the research and development of directional acoustic device and other high-tech products for both military and civilian use.

  Nova electronic makes independent innovation in the way of university-industry cooperation .For meeting the increasing demands of public safety agencies, High-Intensity Directional Acoustic Device (HIDAD) developed by Nova Electronics by adopting the advanced technology of acoustics, electronics and automatics can cast a high-intensity directional sound beam and communicate, warn, deter and disperse the target over long distances.


  • 2009
    Phonic Nova was founded in Mianyang
  • 2010
    Built a technology innovative team,and LRAD product prototype successfully developed.
  • 2011
    Phonic Nova was supported by the national science and technology small and medium-sized en...【detail】
  • 2012
    Phonnic Nova won the 2012 annual Mianyang branch of science and technology innovation incu...【detail】
  • 2013
    Phonic Nova won the the honorary title of outstanding enterprises and a second prize of th...【detail】
  • 2014
    Phonic Nova became the Members of Shenzhen Safety Protection Industry Association
  • 2015
    Phonic Nova obtained military standard quality management system certification
  • 2016
    Phonic Nova was one of the fist to become Members of the Sichuan military and civilian int...【detail】
  • 2017
    Cooperation Agreement Signed between Phonic Nova and IOAAS
  • 2018
    The Institute of acoustic systems is jointly established by Phonic Nova and the Industrial...【detail】

Higher-Level Care



  • China Academy Of Engineering Physics,Partnerships
  • China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center,Partnerships
  • China South Industries Group Corporation,Partnerships
  • CSIC,Partnerships
  • CHANGHONG,Partnerships
  • Sichuan Jiuzhou Electric Group Co.,Ltd. (JEZETEK),Partnerships
  • Southwest Automation Research Institute,Partnerships
  • Sichuan Hushan Electric Company,Partnerships
  • The Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences ,Partnerships
  • Armament procurement information of PLA,Partnerships


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