Yining Airport to drive birds, but
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Yining Airport to drive birds, but

author:星宇电子 date:2017年09月19日 readnum:7347

Yining Airport to drive birds, but "covered with" Lavender

One of the most difficult problems affecting aircraft safety flying has been bird strike aircraft. The cause of the delay, return, and maintenance of aircraft was caused by bird strike aircraft in many cases.

Xinjiang Yining Airport is located in the Yili Valley, because of its unique geographical environment and climate factors, birds and wildlife are unusually active, so bird attack aircraft frequent incidents. Before 2008, the bird strike prevention work at Yining Airport was very difficult, and tried various traditional bird driving methods, including sound, light, electricity and shadow, but the effect of driving birds was poor.

The head of the airport inadvertently discovered that mice, birds nests and so on were rarely found in Lavender growing areas. Therefore, in 2008, the Yining Airport began to function of vegetation on the prevention and control of single bird. Today, the Yining Airport, which has planted 1600 acres of lavender, has become the only airport in the country with a large area of "covered with lavender".

After ten years, lavender cover accounted for 60% of the flight area of Yining Airport has become Asia's single largest Lavender contiguous base, in addition to reduce the bird strike aircraft, but also led to the development of Yining city tourism and ecological economy.