U.S. diplomats in Cuba or encounter mysterious
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U.S. diplomats in Cuba or encounter mysterious

author:星宇电子 date:2017年09月20日 readnum:6267

U.S. diplomats in Cuba or encounter mysterious "sound wave attack", deterioration of American relations

Recent foreign media reports on the mysterious "sound wave attack" incident caused uproar in the industry. According to reports, the "sonic attack" from the autumn of 2016, mainly occurred in the evening, or someone heard a great noise, or some people just feel the vibrations, or someone is not affected, but one after another, these diplomats are due to "sonic attack" event appeared hearing loss, cerebral concussion, headache tinnitus and other adverse symptoms, has now spread to more than 20 people, diplomats and their families, but fortunately not yet spread to children.

Most of the victims of this "sonic attack" have returned to the United States for medical treatment, but the aftermath of the incident continues. The United States has expelled 2 Cuban diplomats from the United States, and senior leaders of the two countries have begun talks on the incident. According to the circumstances and characteristics of the incident, some people suspected that it was an attack of acoustic weapons, but found no relevant evidence. Therefore, according to the British times, Cuba may be entering FBI.