Dalian airport welcomes the special surveillance of bird strike prevention
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Dalian airport welcomes the special surveillance of bird strike prevention

author:星宇电子 date:2017年09月21日 readnum:6638

Airport driving birds, bird strike prevention, bird driving equipment

Autumn is the season for migratory birds, airport bird difficulty increased, the power to do bird strike prevention, Dalian regulatory bureau in early September on the Dalian airport bird strike prevention work to carry out special inspections.

The inspectors inspected five aspects, such as the airport patrol, bird hunting requirements, the applicability of bird driving equipment, the collection and utilization of bird information, the investigation of ecological environment management and the integrated management of bird strike prevention and control.

Dalian airport bird equipment, including bird repeller, directional acoustic device of driving birds, gas guns, stopped bird netting, pest control lights, to maintain the normal operation; the height of the grass in good condition, comprehensive pesticide pest control with high efficiency and low toxicity, and pest control rate reached more than 90%. The airport can continue to carry out flight area of bird and insect, grass, water and the surrounding bird survey, the monthly summary data compiled form "bird bulletin", submitted to the resident airline.

The Dalian board of supervisors has offered work requirements for bird strike prevention at Dalian airport.

First, sum up the experience, refine the implementation plan, and explore controllable measures to prevent bird strike. After the seminar on bird strike prevention in the northeast area of Dalian in August 18th, the airport took advantage of the advanced experience of bird strike in various places, and compiled a plan of application and implementation of the results. I hope the airport can sink down to refine the program, learn widely from others'strong points, and actually study targeted measures to realize the ability of the transformation of research results.

Two is to strictly implement the system, strengthen analysis and research, improve the night patrol bird effect. Dalian airport received bird strike at night, accounting for 70%, and night bird activities and preventive measures are urgently needed. I hope the airport will strengthen the night patrol, drive birds and research forces, and do a good job of bird seasonal migration prevention work.

The inspector pointed out that Dalian airport should make preparations for the bird migration in autumn, and in accordance with the bird situation, it will announce the flight announcement in time, prompt the crew to avoid, and issue a notice of rectification for the problems found in the inspection.